Our Current Club Programs

 11-1 Gold
12-1 Gold
12-2 Royal
13-1 Gold**!!!13-2 Royal**
14-3 White**
14-4 Black**
14-1 Gold14-2 Royal!!!15-1 Gold
16-1 Gold
15-2 Royal
16-2 Royal
15-3 White**
16-3 White**
17-3 White**
17-1 Gold17-2 Royal18-1 Gold**18-2 Royal**
Practices Per Week222222222222
Months of Season (approx.)6.586.5887.
Coaches per Team222222222222
Planned Number of Events *91312151517151016161211
SAQ (2x a week)xxxxxxxxx
Molten Series
(5 dates)
M1 Elite Scrimmage (Rochester)
Jan 11-12^
Frostbite Festival (Rochester)
Jan 18-19 or Feb 1-2^
Big City Luau
Jan 25-26
17/18s Northern Lights Qualifier
Jan 31-Feb 2
JVA Jamboree (Milwaukee)
Feb 1-2^
North Star President's Day Challenge
Feb 8-9 or Feb 15-16
NIT Triple Crown
Feb 15-17+^
Mizuno Showcase (Wisconsin Dells)
Feb 28-Mar 1^@
March 7
MN Select Tournament
March 7
NL Challenge
March 7-8
NCR Metro Area Championships
Apr 18-19
Pentagon AAU Grand Prix (Sioux Falls)
April 18-19^
Northern Lights Qualifier
April 17-19 or April 24-26
18s USAV Nationals
(Reno) May 1-3^
Rochester Cup
May 2-3 or May 9-10^
MN Select Tournament
May 2
Twin Cities Molten Cup
May 16-17
Stars & Stripes Classic
May 23-25
M1 Pre Nationals Play Date
May 30 or May 31
MN Select Pre-National Play Date
June 7
AAU National Championships (Orlando) @&**
June 15-26
Total Fees$2,000$3,940$2,420$4,500$4,430$5,200$5,130$2,480$5,200$5,130$3,500$3,200
Number of Payments
(not including deposit)

Apparel package for all teams includes 3 jerseys, 2 shorts, 2 socks, 2 practice T’s, knee pads, warm up jacket and pants, backpack and water bottle.

!!! 13-1 & 14-2s team will attempt to do the schedule as shown on this page, playing the full season till June and finishing with AAU Nationals.  If Vital staff feels that the team isn’t up to a level we feel is able to do the full season, we will change the 14-2’s schedule and pricing to match what you see for the 14-3/14-4 teams.

* The total number of events signed up for may not be the total number of events actually played in.  Some tournament dates may conflict with the Molten Series dates.

**If a team wants to add AAU Nationals to their schedule there will be an additional fee per player which includes coaches fees, gym time, tournament entry, and coaches accommodations.
11-1, 12-1, 12-2 : $1,550
13-2, 14-3 & 14-4s : $1,400
15-3, 15-4, 16-3, 16-4 & 17-3s : $1,550
18-1 & 18-2 : $TBD

+ If your team get the invite to the NIT Triple Crown in KC, you will go to that instead of North Star President’s Day.  There will be an additional cost of $300 per player.

^ Player and parents are responsible for booking their own flights, hotels, and transportation to and from airport and playing sites, along with paying for their own food.  VVC will block off rooms and at least one parent must travel with their child for out of state tournaments.  If the parents can not attend, then they can set up accommodations with another family.  VVC will also suggest flights and will give dates and times for arrival and departure.
See the VVC Travel Guide for details for each traveling event.

@ Player’s housing is included in fees.

& Each team will have one 12 or 15 passenger van per team which is included in fees.  Chaperones will be responsible for renting the vehicle and VVC will reimburse you.  Specific instructions for vehicle rental will be sent to the chaperones.

Month11-1 Gold
12-1 Gold
12-2 Royal
13-1 Gold!!!13-2 Royal
14-3 White
14-1 Gold14-2 Royal!!!15-1 Gold
16-1 Gold
17-1 Gold
15-2 Royal
16-2 Royal
17-2 Royal
15-3 White
15-4 Black
16-3 White
16-4 White
17-3 White
18-1 Gold18-2 Royal
Non-Refundable Deposit Due Day of Tryouts$650$650$650$650$650$650$650$650$650$650
December 1st$270$470$295$550$540$650$640$305$570$510
January 1st$270$470$295$550$540$650$640$305$570$510
February 1st$270$470$295$550$540$650$640$305$570$510
March 1st$270$470$295$550$540$650$640$305$570$510
April 1st$270$470$295$550$540$650$640$305$570$510
May 1st$470$295$550$540$650$640$305
June 1st$470$550$540$650$640