Vital Volleyball — Our Mission

To provide the highest level of training that will empower athletes through a volleyball rich environment with an experienced coaching staff…a club where developing the players’ skills comes first.


Vital Volleyball Club (VVC) is about providing an atmosphere and culture where players can enjoy getting better at volleyball every day, having the opportunity to compete against the best clubs in the state of Minnesota and in the country, along with receiving the tools needed to accomplish their volleyball goals and learn life lessons.

Why Vital?!

  1. Coaching quality – priority 1A for us every year!  We bring in coaches with character, who are dedicated to teaching the game, and we continue to help our coaches learn on the job.
  2. Club culture – priority 1B.  Culture is what allows programs and businesses to either fail or succeed.  We continue to grow and get better year after year and a big part of that is due to the culture in our gym!
  3. Competitive Advantage – Winning isn’t our top priority, getting better every day is. On top of our quality coaching, we feel that the way we teach the skills and the way our system is set up, it allows us to be efficient and we can sustain a high level of success in critical skill sets over a longer period of time.  Because of this, it has allowed our top teams in past seasons to win 70-78% of their matches.
  4. Recruitment Opportunities – Kelly Stuntz (formerly Kelly Bowman – All American at the University of MN) is our club’s College Recruiting Director.  Her full time job is working with and guiding high school volleyball players across the country, to find their next destination in college volleyball.  She brings her expertise in the field to Vital Volleyball Club so she can help our athletes get to the next level and fulfill their dreams.