Club Testimonials

Player Testimonials

Sydney Miller

2016 Vital Alumni / Vital "4" Life Member / Currently playing at Northern University

“I played for Vital because each and every coach wants what is best for you in life and in volleyball. They personally care about you as a person AND an athlete. They will do everything in their power for you to be the best player you can be. If that means they have to have deep conversations with you to boost your confidence or stay after practice with you to improve a skill than that is what they will do.”

Hannah Paine

Class of 2020

Vital has amazing coaches who have helped me grow tremendously as a player and person. I can’t imagine playing for another club!

Megan Freeberg

2017 Vital Alumni / Currently playing at University of Minnesota Duluth

Vital is much more than just a volleyball club.  There is always a competitive, energetic, fun, and motivated atmosphere in the gym.  This atmosphere along with the very supportive and experienced coaching staff makes Vital a place where you can improve immensely not only as a player but also as a person.  I’m very grateful for the friendships, lessons, and skills I’ve gained through my Vital career that will stick with me for the rest of my life.

Bailey Harms

Class of 2018 / Vital "4" Life Member / Committed to play at University of Mary

Playing for Vital Volleyball has been one of the best volleyball career moves I have ever made! The coaches are amazing and they know how to push you to become better! Vital Volleyball and the coaching staff have made me an over all better player and person on and off the court. I am looking forward to my 4th year at Vital Volleyball!

Alexa Hort

2017 Vital Alumni / Vital "4" Life Member / Currently playing at Waldorf University

I came to Vital the opening year unsure of what would come.  I ended every season better than I was before, meeting wonderful teammates and friends along the way, and knowing I’d be coming back the next year.  I’m so thankful for the lifelong friendships I’ve made and the amazing coaches I was given the opportunity to work with.  I’m now a Vital 4 Life member and I’m grateful that I will forever be apart of the Vital family.

Katie Paine

Class of 2020

The coaches are great and I’ve grown close to the girls I’ve played with at Vital. The intensity of the club fits me well. We play in tough tournaments, but with only two practices a week, I can still manage playing for an elite club while keeping up with my schoolwork.

Nikki Peitz

2017 Vital Alumni / Vital "4" Life Member / Currently playing at Bethel University

My experience with Vital Volleyball Club was unlike any other.  The whole community of the club is amazing.  I was blessed to have so many amazing coaches and met so many life long friends.  I truly went to practice everyday excited and happy to be there because of the great atmosphere.  I could never imagine playing club for 4 years anywhere else.

Kate Hamburg

Class of 2020

Vital has great coachces and is very competitive.  It has taught me so much more than just volleyball.  The girls here are amazing and being apart of this program has changed my life.  I couldn’t imagine my life at any other club!

Kaitlyn Houg

Class of 2020
Vital is unlike any other club.  In my four years at Vital I have met so many amazing girls and coaches and made so many amazing memories that I will cherish forever.  I have learned so many lessons from this club that not only help me out on the court, but off the court as well.  Not only are the people amazing, but the competitive, fun atmosphere of the club is as well.  I couldn’t imagine playing for any other club!

Parent Testimonials

Leigh Berger

With two athletes of different ages in the Vital program for 5 years, I have been happy every year with both of my daughters’ experiences.

Not only is the coaching some of the very best in the Twin Cities, our experience with the club as a whole has been excellent.  Communication among individual teams and within the club is very strong; SAQ training helps build strength and endurance for the athletes; and the technical skills taught are truly varsity and college preparatory, with the most current and biomechanically correct techniques.
Beyond the superior coaching, my daughters feel cared for.  They are not just another number walking through the door.  Vital coaches are INVESTED in both of my daughters’ successes on and off the court.  They are like family.  We could not imagine going elsewhere.

Beth Adams

When my daughter was 14, we needed to find another VB club as we were not satisfied with our current club. After looking at several options around the twin cities, we joined Vital and could not be happier. Vital is a competitive VB club, but it is also a place that is developing young women. Vital believes that VB is a component of a girls life, but not the ONLY piece. The director and coaches do a very good job of creating an atmosphere of support and family, demonstrated by one Vital team watching other Vital teams during tournaments, no cell phones during practices and tournaments so girls can form friendships, all the while teaching correct techniques regarding the game. We wouldn’t be anywhere else!

Tim & Sandi Paine

As parents, we love Vital because the club has great coaches and focuses on developing each individual player. We also appreciate the high level of organization and communication by the Director and coaches.

Don & Linda Demers

Vital treats their players like family.  The coaching staff is personable and genuinely cares about each athlete.  The coaches are skilled in teaching technique.  Their expertise has helped our daughter become a smart, confident, and skilled player.

Barb & Wade Houg

Vital coaches, players and parents are like family to us.  Vital coaches and staff care about developing both the player and the person.  They combine advanced technical skill training with great coach to player communication to help players improve their game.  They create an environment where players can be successful and happy both on and off the court.  We can’t say enough positive things about the experiences we have had over the past 4 years at Vital.  Both our daughter and us have made lifelong friends.  We treasure the Vital Volleyball memories we have and can’t wait each year for the season to get started!!

Coach Testimonials

Dominique Thompson

15-1s Assistant Coach / Played at University of Wisconsin

I coach for Vital because I love the energy and environment that is created from the top down. The curriculum that we teach here is used at the highest level and is taught all the way through the program and it works. The staff here at Vital knows how to work hard and is excited to learn more and more about the game of volleyball. I love being part of the Vital team and being able to teach the girls to love the sport the way that I love this sport.

Emily Foster

18-1s Head Coach / St. Olaf College Head Coach

I have had a wonderful experience coaching at Vital in the past and I hope to be coaching there for a long time! The atmosphere in the gym is unlike any other club I have experienced. I specifically appreciate the process approach to skill training; paired with the emphasis on play. Competing and playing 6 vs 6 is encouraged which really fits with my belief that… the game teaches the game! The coaching staff shares ideas on drills, coaching philosophy and team dynamics. We all truly love the game!! Myself, other coaches, players, and families are excited and proud to be part of Vital.

Aaron Wayne

17-1 Head Coach / Played at Osh Kosh / Wisconsin Volleyball Hall of Fame Inductee
I have begun my third season with Vital and I can honestly say I wouldn’t change a thing about my experience.  Coaching for this club is not only one of the best decisions I have made to grow my love for the sport, but it has helped increase my knowledge base even further; it’s all about the journey!  The privilege of watching these girls succeed not only on the court, but translate that hard-working mentality and desire to succeed as student-athletes is why I do what I do.  I love that I am able to share my experiences, and love for volleyball with others that are equally as passionate for this amazing game.
Being in an environment with a talented coaching staff, elite athletes, and a culture that breeds success has only helped elevate my desire to be the best coach and mentor I can for these girls, day in and day out.

Kasey Williams

16-1s Assistant Coach / Played at Concordia St. Paul
I coach for Vital because I love my fellow coaching staff.  Vital offers experienced coaches, that have also played at the highest level.  I love learning from my co-workers, and working together from our experiences.
I also love the competitive fun environment the Vital players bring to the gym every day, I am constantly growing as a coach because the group of girls are so great.

Maddy Amon

15-2s Head Coach

This will be my 8th year coaching club volleyball and my 3rd coaching for Vital.  I am glad I have made Vital my home because of the hardworking athletes that choose to play for Vital.  Each player has been coachable and has wanted to be trained and compete at a high level.  Each player has taught me something new about myself and my coaching style.  Vital is an upcoming program that has continued to grow and has become very successful.  I am always excited for the club season because of Vital’s commitment to helping coaches become the best they can be.  I have learned a lot not only from the players I have coached, the coaches I have coached with but Ryan is extremely knowledgeable is committed to finding and keeping quality coaches.  Since joining the coaching staff at Vital Ryan has been very supportive and is always available to bounce ideas off of.

Kris Wolle

17-1s Assistant Coach / Played at Minnesota State University, Mankato
I am about to enter my second season with Vital more excited than I ever have been to coach.  The culture, the energy, the passion and the girls are what drives me to be the best coach to these young ladies that I can be.
Not only do I get to coach a great bunch of talented volleyball girls but it’s also about teaching life lessons.  Being able to share my knowledge of volleyball and life experiences and see where these young athletes end up is so fun.  I coach because I love the game and love being around others who love the game as much as I do.  Vital Volleyball Club has become my second family.

Morgan Bohl

17-2s Head Coach / Played at University of Minnesota

I coach at Vital because of its values and environment.  Vital is constantly working to develop athletes with the skills need to succeed.  Teaching players the importance of hard work, discipline, effort and heart.  I love having the opportunity to work with passionate, hardworking coaches and player.  I couldn’t be happier to be a part of this program.