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Kelsie Meyer

Currently coaching: Vital 14-2 Royal

Kelsie comes from a small town in the cheese state of Wisconsin – Sheboygan Falls where she began playing volleyball in 6th grade.  She went on to play varsity all the way through high school as a captain my Junior and Senior year as a setter.  Kelsie played for  Milwaukee Sting for 5 years until mid-season of her Senior year where she tore her ACL, MCL and meniscus.  That’s when coaching started!

Kelsie went on to study at the University of Minnesota pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish.  During her time at the U she travelled home during summers to help out with local sand leagues with the hometown club of Lake Effect Select.  Recently, Kelsie completed a Master’s in Education for Spanish and Teaching English as a Second Language and began teaching Spanish at Kennedy High School in Bloomington.  Not only is it her first year as a teacher but also as a coach for Vital!