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Katy Hensley

Hello, my name is Katy Hensley! This is my first year at Vital, but don’t worry I have been playing volleyball and coaching from the bench and the floor since I was 10.  I started playing volleyball in elementary and it was my saving grace growing up with a father who served in the army for 32 years.  I was apart of that journey for 18 years moving around every two years and going to 11 different schools.  I played on the JV and varsity team at Killeen High School in Texas and on varsity at Overhills High School  in NC for my junior and senior year and then played college ball.  I played for two years at St. Olaf under Emily Foster and then played one year at St. Catherines under Todd Nelson.  I made the rough decision to stop playing in 2020. I am currently a full time public health student at St. Kates as well as a part-time CNA at Episcopal Church Homes in St. Paul.  I love my school work and my job working in a nursing home and am SOOO excited to work with the girls and be back in the volleyball gym  coaching the sport I love.