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What's New and Tournament Results

Krista Goerger commits to USF

3rd year Vital player has wrapped up her recruiting process with a commitment to D2 Univeristy of Sioux Falls.  Congrats Krista!

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12-1 Gold Win M1 Tournament

Congrats 12-1 Gold on winning the M1 Tournament!  We love socks!

NL Challenge Results

13-1 Gold – 13U 6th place
14-1 Gold – 15U 7th place
14-2 Royal – 14U 6th place
15-1 Gold – 16U 1st place!
15-2 Royal – 15U 6th place
16-1 Gold – 17U 2nd place
16-2 Royal – 16U 4th place
16-3 White – 16U 10th place
17-1 Gold – 18U 4th place
17-2 Royal – 17U 8th place
17-3 White – 17U 4th place
18-1 Gold – 18U 3rd place

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2016 Nike MEQ Indianapolis Results

Results from Indy MEQ
15-1 Gold – Seeded 56th USA Division : Finished 61st (Emerald bracket champs)
16-1 Gold – Seeded 56th USA Division : Finished T-41st
16-2 Royal – Seeded 82nd American Division : Finished T-93rd
17-1 Gold – Seeded 52nd USA Division : Finished T-45th
17-2 Royal – Seeded 61st American Division : Finished 58th
18-1 Gold – Seeded 64th American Division : Finished T-5th

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2016 Nike MEQ St. Louis Results

STL MEQ Results
14-1 Gold – Seeded 27th 14 USA : Finished T-22nd
15-2 Royal – Seeded 62nd 15 American : Finished 64th

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Hannah Striggow commits to UW River Falls!

After weighing her options, Hannah Striggow has decide to continue her volleyball career for the D3 UW River Falls Falcons.

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2016 Vital Volleyball Sand Tryouts flyer

2016 Sand Program Tryouts

Registration is now open for our 2016 Sand Program! Tryout fee is $15 and is required at time of entry.  Signing up with a partner in mind is strongly encouraged!

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2016 NCR President's Day : 15-18s

Another great weekend for the Vital’s 15-18s teams

15-1 Gold : T-3rd Gold Division
15-2 Royal : T-11th Gold Division
15-3 White : T-27th Silver Division
16-1 Gold : T-5th Gold Division
16-2 Royal : T-21st Gold Division
16-3 White : T-29th Gold Division
17-1 Gold : T-3rd Gold Division
17-2 Royal : T-21st Gold Division
17-3 White : T-13th Gold Division
18-1 Gold : T-13th Gold Division

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2016 NCR President's Day : 12-14s

Great weekend for the Vital’s 12-14s teams

12-1 Gold : T-13th Silver Division
13-1 Gold : T-5th Gold Division
14-1 Gold : T-13th Gold Division
14-2 Royal : 26th Gold Division
14-3 White : T-13th Silver Red Division
14-4 Yellow : T-21st Silver Red Division

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January Thaw Results

13-1 : Seeded 10th, Finished 10th
14-1 : Seeded 11th, Finished 19th
(Flight 1 Champs)
14-2 : Seeded 22nd, Finished 25th
(Flight 2 Champs)
14-3 : Seeded 27th, Finished 27th
14-4 : Seeded 28th, Finished 28th
15-1 : Seeded 7th, Finished 9th
(Bronze Bracket Champs)
15-2 : Seeded 15th, Finished 17th
(Flight 1 Champs)
15-3 : Seeded 24th, Finished 24th
16-1 : Seeded 10th, Finished T-5th
16-2 : Seeded 17th, Finished 20th
16-3 : Seeded 26th Finished 26th
17-1 : Seeded 7th, Finished T-5th
17-2 : Seeded 11th, Finished T-5th
17-3 : Seeded 22nd, Finished 20th
18-1 USA Division 18s Qualifier :
Seeded 10th, Finished T-11th

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Sydney Miller signs her NLI to Northern State University

DII Northern State University bound setter Sydney Miller signs her NLI on national signing day.  Congrats Syd, Vital has enjoyed having you in the gym the last 3 years!

Vital Volleyball - 17s NLQ 2015 Champs

17-1 Nike Wins at NLQ!

For the first time in club history, Vital’s 17-1s Nike team is the first team to both take home a medal, and win at the 2015 NLQ to earn their bid to the American Division at 2015 USAV JO’s.  Even more significantly, 4 players from the team (Ashley DiBias, Briley Nichols, Sydney Miller, and Malone DeYoung) have been with Vital since it’s inaugural season, proving that believing in the process and club philosophies are now paying off!

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